Why you are losing-and always will-at the game of Blackjack

A great new e-book every Blackjack gambler must have.

By Rex Reisinger

If you’ve read all the books, play basic strategy, and even tried counting cards, but are still losing at Blackjack, this is the book for you.

There are hundreds of books on the subject of winning Blackjack and the subject of basic strategy. My opinion is there has been only one book, rewritten by hundreds of people! They all say the same…and they are all wrong! That’s a pretty strong statement, but I can prove everything I say.

ź Learn why "basic strategy" is wrong

ź Card counting-why bother?

·   Learn what these dealer up cards have in common but why you would play       these two hands totally different


ź Learn why the so-called “sucker bet” can actually be the best bet in the casino

ź Learn a bet that will pay you even money when the odds are 2 to 1 with you! Your house advantage of 50%!

Money back guarantee if you do not learn at least one thing to either improve your game of Blackjack, or better yet to make you quit playing altogether!!

You’ve probably read books or have listened to other players as to how to play and win at Blackjack. Now I invite you to learn what I have to teach about the game.

Order this valuable e-book online and start relearning the game of Blackjack in just minutes for only $19.95. Think about it…that’s less than the amount you lose in just two hands of Blackjack! Order your e-book with Pay Pal, and it will be sent to you within 24 hours. Limited refund policy for downloaded versions


I stand behind this book. I stand behind the ideas it contains.

Rex Reisinger
Two and half years as a dealer and five and half years as table games supervisor

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